Digital Signage System


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What is a Digital Signage System?

Your own network to schedule, distribute and display live or custom video/multimedia content via the internet.

Content is displayed on plasma display panel, DLP projectors, LCD monitors and /or LED panels.

System Applications

EMS Facility Booking System

Create a virtual directory of your premises with eye-catching floor-plans, and provide your staff with a convenient interface to handle event bookings. events in the Facility Booking System are automatically updated to the virtual directory.

EMS Player

The cost-effective multiplescreen-per-server player supports automateed scheduling and a large variety of playback formats: graphics, video, text, Microsoft Powerpoint slides, Macromedia Flash animations, HTML and lots more.

EMS Web Console

Control your EMS system from your office LAN or from a remote location via the internet, using a simple web-based interface.

EMS Composer

Design and customize your organization’s unique screen layout by incorporating frames and playlists. To add a touch of professionalism, display a uniform look throughout all your presentation, e.g. by having your corporate logo permanently fixed on the screen.

EMS Plugins

Require more flexibility? EMS provide you with an XML-based standard with which to script your own plugin executables, using any Windows-based development platform (e.g. Visual Studio .NET, C#, VB.NET, VC++, VB6).

Apply EMS Creatively for Maximum Exposure

Designer Friendly

You only need a few clicks to upload your ideal contents. Leverage on your existing knowledge in flash & powerpoint without any designing skill.

Tracking & Alert Tool

Updates and motivates your team to exceed customer satisfaction & professionalism

Ads & Promotions

Your company own unique screen layouts, incorporating frames & playlists. eye-catching display will capture your target audience.

Events & Virtual Directory

Comes with EMS Facility Booking System to handle event bookins. Also, gives great impression to your brand name.

EMS Highlight Features

Real-Time Monitoring

Produces Local Copy Playback & Timed Screen Capture for your ability to preview future and past playlists at a speciic time.

Swift Error-Detection

Smart EMS notifies you immeadiately on your PC the exact location that needs troubleshooting.